Compassionate Care

At Tempe St. Luke's Hospital, we consider it a privilege to care for our patients, their families and guests. We understand that it is the compassion from the physicians on the medical staff, nurses and other team members - along with an individualized approach - that makes the difference. Quality care is important - but the way in which care is delivered deserves as much focus.

Patient-Centered Care, Patients are at the center of their care plan. Consistent communication between the patient and the health care team helps to set, meet (and exceed) expectations, as well as identifying and addressing the unique needs of each person. Every day, the Tempe St. Luke's Hospital team works to advocate for patients and provide as positive an experience as possible.

Here are a few examples of what our patients say about Tempe St. Luke's Hospital:

I would just like to thank you all for being so patient and understanding while dealing with my 5 yr old autistic daughter's head wound tonight. Other ERs that we have gone too have not been very understanding to her disability. [The team] managed to clean, anesthetize, AND apply 2 staples to my child's head without any more than a yelp and a few whimpers! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Tempe St. Luke's Hospital is the best hospital in the area and I would definitely recommend it to anybody in the area.

I have worked in the field of customer service for more than 40 years. People are always quick to voice complaints and concerns. But, when they receive good customer service, it is rare that it is shared. I am grateful to your staff for taking such good care of me.

I just want to thank the folks attending the emergency room and express my appreciation for the great treatment I received. You guys are great. Not sure how often you hear this. But your technical competence, along with your caring attitude, was noticed and appreciated.